The Big Retweet: Who Will Possibly Take Over Twitter?

What’s happening to Twitter? After the recent board meeting of the San Francisco social media player, the company released that there were “no bids on the table,” and that they were just exploring ways to cut costs. The company’s shares have been at a financial yo-yo recently, and investors are not quite pleased with what is happening.

While Twitter holds stance that they are not going down the hill just like what happened to Yahoo a few years ago, many big investors are eyeing the acquisition of the company. Many people say that Twitter—the app—is way better than what it is as a company. It has 313 million active users. But unlike Facebook, its growth has stalled.

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Twitter has never made a booming profit since November 2013. Since then, the company has been looking for minor partners as it expands its video options.

So who will possibly buy Twitter? Many say there’s a huge possibility Google’s going to acquire the social media company. Why? Because Google has lots of money. Its revenue alone is bigger than how much Twitter is worth. Twitter could be a good social media sub for Google’s almost-defunct Google+.

Facebook is another possible buyer for Twitter. The company does a lot of great things, and is pretty good when it comes to financial and tech growth. The company owns Instagram, too, and it can provide the site with more options like video messaging and distribution.

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Apple can be another potential buyer. Twitter can help Apple revamp its real-time news offering while having a great social presence platform. Apple can integrate Twitter with a lot of its services, since Apple does not have an active social media culture that sticks to the public yet.

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