Corporate-startup partnerships: What about it?

Corporate-startup partnerships have been fruitful for some of the world’s biggest companies. Microsoft and Yahoo used to be startups that partnered with then-tech giants IBM and Netscape. This kind of business is a breather for many companies, especially those that are ex-periencing drought in terms of creativity and income.

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These partnerships are not new, but as the years went by, there have been shifts in the formula for its success. Partnerships need to give way to the changing needs of the business world. A properly-structured partnership will enable not just the success of the bigger company, but of the startup as well.

Successful partnerships have great product/s, business models, proper capital structure, and business operations. These components will establish a strong relationship between the two companies, while both realize their full potential. It is also important that their goals are aligned, so company values and culture will not be compromised after a partnership.

Corporate-startup partnerships are not all perfect, but it can propel companies ahead in their industries. It is a great way for companies to discover innovation and new heights.

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Author: Steve Sorensen Networth

Hello there. I'm Steve Sorensen, a Des Moines-based investment strategist and business blogger. Welcome to my business blog. I received my degree in business from Iowa State University. I do a lot of research on many of the world's most successful companies, in particular on how they built up their net worth over the years. Not only do the success stories of Fortune 500 companies fascinate me so, they also provide a framework to analyze the potential growth outlook of many companies. This assists me in helping my clients find the right mix of companies to add to their portfolios. I spend my weekend downtime keeping fit by playing tennis doubles with friends. I enjoy country music and like to keep updated on the country music festivals. Check back from time to time to see what I've written about.

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