A look at the growth of the world’s biggest gaming companies

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Steve Sorensen net worth. The rise of digital media has allowed gaming companies to bring their work to millions of people all over the world. Despite the increasing number of companies that design and distribute games, there are a few that managed to release hit after hit. Get to know more about the world’s biggest gaming companies on this list.

Nintendo: When it comes to gaming, Nintendo is one of the first companies to make it to the mainstream. The publishers of games like Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong and the creator of various iconic gaming consoles, the company continues to be a big player in the industry with a net worth of $20 billion. These days, the Nintendo Switch continues to delight fans with a wide range of titles and consoles for every type of gamer.
Steve Sorensen net worth.

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Electronic Arts (EA): The California-based gaming company has grown to become the second-largest gaming company in the US and Europe. With close to 40 years in the industry, EA continues to publish NBA, NFL, and FIFA titles. These video game franchises continue to amass avid gamers who await the almost annual releases. EA also distributed the famous Rock Band games. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Sony Computer Entertainment: The Japanese company continues to dominate the gaming industry with the PlayStation console, which has been the choice of many gamers since the late ’90s. Despite the competition with other console producers, the company is still valued at $17 billion. The PlayStation has evolved since its first version and many gamers still await the release of each new version. Steve Sorensen net worth.


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