Global marketing: How more modern tycoons increased their net worth

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I’m Steve Sorensen, and I’ve studied business and investment strategy for years. I’m extremely fascinated with some of the most successful businessmen and how they’ve increased their networth throughout the years.

While there’s no one way to increase your net worth, in today’s world, going global is a huge step towards that direction. Global marketing has greatly evolved with the internet. Today, all one needs to do to bring his brand to other countries is design an ad, swipe a few times, and fill out a few online forms. But that still doesn’t assure success.

More modern tycoons have studied global trends and key international business events. Anyone can come up with an ad, and swipe and fill out forms, but it takes the mind of a successful business leader to incorporate strategies for every situation and every market the business intends to reach.

With ever-evolving markets, elite business visionaries know that while they have a target persona (the ideal client), cultures create subtle differences. It’s these cultures that business owners take into account and emphasize greatly.

The best example I can think of right now is McDonald’s and how they have a different menu for every country. After all, that’s the meat and potatoes of marketing – identifying targets and adjusting products and services to suit their wants and needs.

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Can you think of examples of great global marketing? Share them with me, Steve Sorensen in the comments section below.

Steve Sorensen is a business graduate from Iowa State University. The business blogger and investment strategist studies the history of the world’s top companies to find out how their net worth has grown to Fortune 500 levels. Follow him on Twitter for more updates and tips on business and investing.

A true business icon Carl Icahn

I’m Steve Sorensen, and I’ve written a great deal on some of the great business leaders in the world. While I’ve given credit to the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk, I also think it prudent to shed the spotlight on a rather controversial character who is a legend in his own right – Carl Icahn.

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A former advisor to President Donald Trump, Carl Icahn is one of the first names that comes to mind when strategic activism is mentioned. His methods are as mentioned earlier, controversial. Others might even go so far as to call the man, ruthless.


Icahn’s diverse conglomerate holding company, Icahn Enterprises (previously American Real Estate Partners) was built on many business deals that have been frowned upon by other business people throughout the years.

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Icahn’s rise to power began in 1961, when he was a stockbroker. It wasn’t until 1968 however, when he founded Icahn & Co., a securities firm. As the firm operated for 10 years, Icahn put great value on arbitrage and options trading, while studying target businesses. He planned long-term on how to acquire power from and take over said businesses

But it was Icahn’s acquisition of Trans World Airlines (TWA) that put him on the map, and not in a favorable light to more “traditional business practitioners.” He paid sold TWA’s assets, paid off the loan he used to buy TWA. Earning $470 million from the entire deal, TWA was left $550 million in debt.

While many business experts find Icahn’s methods to be distasteful, they were legal and more importantly, successful.

I’m Steve Sorensen, an investment strategist and business graduate from Iowa State University. I am fascinated by the success of Fortune 500 companies and blog about the developments that led to the exponential growth in net worth of the world’s most successful companies. For more articles on successful businesses and companies, visit this page.

Some of the most successful start-ups of 2018

A startup is a new idea or company that has become a rapidly developing business. All startups have the potential to grow, especially if they have an innovative platform or idea. Steve Sorensen, and investment strategist, lists down some of the most successful startups that made ground in the last year.

Handshake: Created by three Michigan Tech students, handshake is a social network for students where potential employers can discover fresh and new talents. Students can seek a wide array of possibilities and career options. More than 500 universities and 250,000 employers use the network, with 9 million students registered on the platform.

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Daily Harvest: The company was founded by Rachel Dori, a healthy food enthusiast. Steve Sorensen says that Dori was inspired by her own need to make healthier food and the lack of time to do it. The company is a catering service that delivers healthy food, such as smoothies, soups, parfaits, and sundaes to the customer’s doorstep in a matter of minutes.


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Zapier: Zapier is another brainchild of students that received a whopping $1.3 million in funding. It’s a universal online construction of automation with a main function of connecting different web applications with each other to make workflows more productive and organized. Its revenue grew in the past year and has big business potential.

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Gates, Buffet, and Spielberg: Industry legends

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Every business industry in history has its own share of individuals that helped revolutionize and bring it into the future. These people are much more than just people. They are seen as giants and known as legends.

On that note, here are three of the more renowned industry legends in modern times.

Warren Edward Buffett

Warren Buffett changed investing forever. He is a strict practitioner of value investing. Many people call him an investment wizard when it comes to stock, but Buffet has time and again claim it to be a mix of common sense and patience. And because of this lifelong practice, he has become one of the wealthiest people in the world.

William Henry Gates III

The biggest name in IT, everyone in the world who uses technology owes something to Bill Gates, and we’re not just talking about money. His creations, from Microsoft to Windows has dominated the IT global landscape for the past four decades and has made life so much easier for people who use computers.

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Steven Allan Spielberg

No other director’s body of work is as well-known and beloved as Steven Spielberg’s. With his initial outing as the director of the first known summer blockbuster, “Jaws,” Spielberg went on throughout the decades to direct hit after hit, with movies that both entertained and moved people of all ages.

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Country music icons and their networth

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The music industry is a huge business.  Billions of people consume music in different genres and languages.  That’s why the world’s biggest hitmakers are also the most influential personalities.  Country music continues to have a strong presence in the industry.  Here are some of the most popular country music icons and their networth:

Taylor Swift, USD 200 million

Who doesn’t know Taylor Swift?  Even if most country fans would no longer consider her to be part of the genre, the singer-songwriter continues to be proud of her roots.  With millions of albums sold all over the world, TS has proven that she is capable of doing more.  And take note, she’s not even 30 yet.

Kenny Rogers, USD 250 million

After many decades of touring, the retired country icon has decided to prioritize his health and his family.  True to his Hall of Fame status, he has also sold a hundred million albums globally.  Unlike younger country stars, he sold albums way before the era of digital downloads.  He’s definitely a legend.

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Dolly Parton, USD 450 million

The country music queen has accomplished many things not just in music but also in film and business.  With hit songs under her belt and legions of fans, the Grammy winner continues to wow people with her projects.  On top of all her pursuits she has managed to write books and is the founder of a literacy program.  With her work and advocacies, she has touched the lives of millions.

Country music continues to thrive even with the change in the industry’s landscape.  These trailblazers have proven that the genre will always gain the attention it deserves.

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Most successful surfer CEOs and their net worth


It is a common perception for surfers to be seen as easygoing “bums,” but not anymore.  As surfing becomes an extremely popular sport all over the world, surf pioneers have become successful businessmen, using their love for the waves as a driving force to shape the surfing industry in many aspects.  Here are examples of surf tycoons and how much they are worth.


Kelly Slater.  The 11-time world champion is estimated to be worth $20 million.  Considered to be the most successful athlete in the history surfing, Slater has appeared in countless advertisements, endorsement deals, and even modeling gigs.  Slater recently opened the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, an artificial wave pool that just held its first competition this year.

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Andrew Wilson.  The surfer from Gold Coast, Australia is famously known for founding EA Sports, and is estimated to have a net worth of $86.7 million.  EA Sports is the maker of popular virtual reality games, Need for Speed, Sim City, and Battlefield.  According to reports, Wilson earns $20 million per year.

Nicholas Woodman. While Woodman might not be as good as Wilson and Slater in terms of riding waves, the self-proclaimed frustrated surfer exceeds both the aforementioned surfing businessmen’s net worth.  The GoPro founder is reported to have a net worth of $2.3 billion after returning $229 million worth of shares.

The name’s Steve Sorensen.  I received my business graduate degree from the Iowa State University.  For the longest time, I’ve been fascinated by the huge and often meteoric growth in net worth of some of the world’s most successful companies and have dedicated a portion of my time to tracing the stories of these companies and pointing out the roots of their success.  For more articles like this, visit this page.

Social media storm: Facebook’s current net worth

59ea4dceddd063a2768b5397-750-562.jpgFacebook is one of the planet’s biggest and fastest growing companies.  With its astronomical growth over the past few years, it’s difficult to get hold of the company’s exact net worth.  For tech companies, stocks can go up or down depending on the news or other external factors.

One example of this change was when Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, saw his net worth plunge by over $15 billion.  This was due to months of negative press hounding his company.  The Cambridge Analytica controversy hit the company hard as the data breach policy turned off many users of the platform.

Facebook’s net worth can be gauged through the net worth of Zuckerberg.  As of April 2018, Zuckerberg has been shy of reaching $70 billion, making him the 6th richest person in the world.  This is after several changes he’s made in the company, including making Facebook a publicly tradable stock in 2012.  This gave the company an increase of over 50% in stock prices in September 2017.  At one point, the company’s peak market capitalization reached $104 billion.

59ea1f77ddd0631c008b6006-1334-1000.jpgToday, Facebook shares can be bought at $38 per share.  The company has raised over $16 billion through that offering.  To think that over a decade ago, Yahoo! tried to buy Facebook for $1 billion.

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