The five biggest sports apparel companies in the world today

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For people who dream of establishing and running their own firm, they can draw valuable lessons from the lives of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs and from how the biggest companies were made. Take for instance the top sports apparel firms in the world today. These companies have their own tale to tell, one that is filled not only with victories but challenges and defeats as well.

Cream of the crop — Steve Sorensen net worth

Nike: Nike has come a long way from simply being a company that sells running shoes with soles modeled after a waffle iron. The turning point for Nike was when some bloke named Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player on the planet and sold sneakers and apparel like never before. Today, Nike is the biggest sports apparel brand in the world. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Adidas and Reebok: Adidas is second only to Nike in terms of sales. Adidas is worth $5 billion and has been the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup for 30 years now. Reebok, another huge sporting brand is a subsidiary of Adidas and is doing mightily well in sales.

Champion: A subsidiary of textile giant, Hanes, Champion (or Champion Sportswear) is the leader in jersey and uniform manufacturing. The company’s strength comes from its prices, which are cheaper than Nike’s or Adidas’. Champion is deemed as the everyday worker’s brand. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Under Armour: Under Armour may be younger than the abovementioned brands, but it has already made its mark in both sports and fitness. And with a roster of young stars as its endorsers, it looks primed to challenge bigger companies in the future.