Global marketing: How more modern tycoons increased their net worth

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I’m Steve Sorensen, and I’ve studied business and investment strategy for years. I’m extremely fascinated with some of the most successful businessmen and how they’ve increased their networth throughout the years.

While there’s no one way to increase your net worth, in today’s world, going global is a huge step towards that direction. Global marketing has greatly evolved with the internet. Today, all one needs to do to bring his brand to other countries is design an ad, swipe a few times, and fill out a few online forms. But that still doesn’t assure success.

More modern tycoons have studied global trends and key international business events. Anyone can come up with an ad, and swipe and fill out forms, but it takes the mind of a successful business leader to incorporate strategies for every situation and every market the business intends to reach.

With ever-evolving markets, elite business visionaries know that while they have a target persona (the ideal client), cultures create subtle differences. It’s these cultures that business owners take into account and emphasize greatly.

The best example I can think of right now is McDonald’s and how they have a different menu for every country. After all, that’s the meat and potatoes of marketing – identifying targets and adjusting products and services to suit their wants and needs.

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Steve Sorensen is a business graduate from Iowa State University. The business blogger and investment strategist studies the history of the world’s top companies to find out how their net worth has grown to Fortune 500 levels. Follow him on Twitter for more updates and tips on business and investing.