Richest authors in the literary world

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World’s richest writers. Steve Sorensen net worth.

While writing literature professionally is not perceived as the most lucrative of jobs in the world, it certainly didn’t stop some authors from making millions from their craft. Some authors have become household names, raking in millions of dollars with book and movie deals, as well as personal engagements. Here are some of the world’s richest writers. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Elizabeth Badinter, $1.3 billion

Badinter is known for her works in the field of philosophy and history. A Marianna News Magazine poll recognized her as France’s most influential intellectual in 2010. She’s most known for her extensive work on philosophical treatises on feminism and women’s role in society. Steve Sorensen net worth.

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J.K. Rowling, $1 billion

J.K. Rowling is most known for writing the Harry Potter series. The beloved series attracted readers of all ages. Not only did Rowling earned millions from the books, but she also generated millions from the movies, which remain as the highest-grossing film series. Besides the books and movies, Harry Potter merchandise also contributed much to her success. Steve Sorensen net worth.

James Patterson, $560 million

If you are a fan of thriller novels, James Patterson is no stranger. By 2010, he already had 20 bestsellers to his name. He is also known for being the highest-grossing American author today. Besides thrillers, Patterson also wrote a series of non-fiction and romance novels. Like Rowling, some of his works like “Alex Cross,” “Along Came a Spider,” and “Kiss the Girls” have been made into movies. Steve Sorensen net worth.