Three finance management apps for individuals building their net worth

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Steve Sorensen net worth. Everybody wants to be financially stable. Only a few set out to accomplish this goal. Aside from educating oneself, using financial management apps will allow a person to keep track of their income, budget, spending, and investments. Check out these apps that will help track of finances.

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The app and the website is one of the most popular choice for those who want to monitor their budget and investments. For better tracking, users can link their bank accounts and credit cards that will be updated whenever a there’s activity. What people will appreciate when using this app is that they can classify transactions, set reminders on bills, and even complete payments with help from the app.

Personal Capital

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Steve Sorensen net worth.
This is another popular app for those who want to build their net worth. While many apps focus on helping users track their budget, this app particularly helps keep track of assets and liabilities along with retirement funds, loans, and other financial transactions. Unlike other apps, investments are part of the projection letting a person have a clear view of how their financial health looks like.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

Those who have financial goals that they want to accomplish might benefit from the YNAB app. Like other finance management apps, this can be linked to a person’s bank accounts and credit cards. However, what makes this app different from the others is that it allows users to prioritize budgeting by valuing each dollar that they have. Aside from encouraging people to be mindful of their spending, it also allows them to look forward to achieving their personal finance goals. Steve Sorensen net worth.

The Alibaba group’s growth into the billions

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One thing that is common to many successful companies that deal in the billions is that they have very interesting success stories to tell. Anything big today had to start small, and the case of Alibaba is no different, shares Steve Sorensen Net Worth.
In December 1999, a former English teacher by the name of Jack Ma, founded the company with a group of 18 tech pioneers from a small apartment in Hangzhou, China. Jack Ma’s goal was simple: to leverage the power of the wholesale internet marketplace.
It didn’t take long before the results came in, even when it seemed daunting for Jack Ma to aspire to take full advantage of China’s 730 million internet users and serve them on an efficient and timely basis with e-commerce. He did so by founding his own website.


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Soon enough, he attracted various like-minded Chinese investors. Later on, as he started diversifying into creating more websites and companies, the revenue kicked in. One such company under his project, China Pages, was valued at $1 million, a moment in history which Steve Sorensen Net Worth thinks is the turning point for Alibaba.
By the end of 1999, the company had the workings of a major business-to-business dynamo, which racked in more investments. All of a sudden, the company had $35 million in venture funding, and Alibaba finally rolled out into the international arena.
Adding more diversity into the fold, Alibaba created more companies in the e-commerce business. At this point, the company looked more like a group, a huge leap from the singular company that it was when it started. It eventually had enough financial power to partner with the likes of Yahoo.
The company has been an unstoppable juggernaut since. According to the research made by Steve Sorensen Net Worth, Alibaba now boasts of 674 million active users each year and enjoys an annual revenue of $54 billion U.S. dollars.

What are some of the world’s best-selling book series?

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Steve Sorensen net worth. Good stories sometimes can’t be finished in one book. These stories also reach readers from different parts of the world, increasing its audience. Here are some of the world’s best-selling book series.

Harry Potter

Steve Sorensen net worth. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is the world’s biggest book franchise having sold over half a billion copies. First published in 1997, the Harry Potter books have grown up with a generation of readers. Not surprisingly, the seven books and other related books are continuing to attract readers from all age groups.


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Steve Sorensen net worth. Thousands of young girls from all over the world developed a love for reading because of Sweet Valley’s Wakefield twins. Decades before young adult fiction became a trend, the franchise has already sold millions of books. Sweet Valley High had spin-offs that featured the twins and their friends at various ages. Written by Francine Pascal along with a team of other writers, this series shaped the minds of many young readers during its heyday.

Robert Langdon

Dan Brown’s popular series is about Robert Langdon, a Harvard University professor of history of art and “symbology.” From its first publication in 2000, the five-book series has published more than 200 million books. “Angels and Demons,” “The Da Vinci Code,” “The Lost Symbol,” “Inferno,” and “Origin” have earned fans who enjoy Langdon’s adventures. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Managing a startup’s rapid growth

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Startups are projected to grow fast, and expansion comes with challenges. Such companies are set to take on the market with much force that it disrupts it. Most startup companies offer services or products that revolution solutions to common problems. For startups, the only way to go is up. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Startups that generally experience rapid growth go through scaling obstacles like managerial and organizational changes. The first thing to do to get the startup ready for growth is to maintain a medium-term goal and go with it. A medium-term goal must be founded on a startup’s mission and vision. There must be three to five milestones and achievements that would serve as steps toward the vision. Steve Sorensen net worth.

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In keeping up with a startup’s fast growth, its founders and staff have to keep the customers happy. Entrepreneurs must make it a habit to listen to their customers as they have the most immediate evaluation, most pertinent evaluation. Plus, they’re the ones making payments and keeping the business running. Acting on customers’ input ensures that they stay connected with the business and even help promote it through social media and word of mouth. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Startup founders must surround themselves with the right people. Having a mentor will certainly help, but a strong team can only bring a startup further. When a founder recruits and hires the right people who are excellent in their departments, a founder can focus on the overall strategy of the business. Steve Sorensen net worth.

A look at the growth of the world’s biggest gaming companies

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Steve Sorensen net worth. The rise of digital media has allowed gaming companies to bring their work to millions of people all over the world. Despite the increasing number of companies that design and distribute games, there are a few that managed to release hit after hit. Get to know more about the world’s biggest gaming companies on this list.

Nintendo: When it comes to gaming, Nintendo is one of the first companies to make it to the mainstream. The publishers of games like Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong and the creator of various iconic gaming consoles, the company continues to be a big player in the industry with a net worth of $20 billion. These days, the Nintendo Switch continues to delight fans with a wide range of titles and consoles for every type of gamer.
Steve Sorensen net worth.

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Electronic Arts (EA): The California-based gaming company has grown to become the second-largest gaming company in the US and Europe. With close to 40 years in the industry, EA continues to publish NBA, NFL, and FIFA titles. These video game franchises continue to amass avid gamers who await the almost annual releases. EA also distributed the famous Rock Band games. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Sony Computer Entertainment: The Japanese company continues to dominate the gaming industry with the PlayStation console, which has been the choice of many gamers since the late ’90s. Despite the competition with other console producers, the company is still valued at $17 billion. The PlayStation has evolved since its first version and many gamers still await the release of each new version. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Richest authors in the literary world

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World’s richest writers. Steve Sorensen net worth.

While writing literature professionally is not perceived as the most lucrative of jobs in the world, it certainly didn’t stop some authors from making millions from their craft. Some authors have become household names, raking in millions of dollars with book and movie deals, as well as personal engagements. Here are some of the world’s richest writers. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Elizabeth Badinter, $1.3 billion

Badinter is known for her works in the field of philosophy and history. A Marianna News Magazine poll recognized her as France’s most influential intellectual in 2010. She’s most known for her extensive work on philosophical treatises on feminism and women’s role in society. Steve Sorensen net worth.

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J.K. Rowling, $1 billion

J.K. Rowling is most known for writing the Harry Potter series. The beloved series attracted readers of all ages. Not only did Rowling earned millions from the books, but she also generated millions from the movies, which remain as the highest-grossing film series. Besides the books and movies, Harry Potter merchandise also contributed much to her success. Steve Sorensen net worth.

James Patterson, $560 million

If you are a fan of thriller novels, James Patterson is no stranger. By 2010, he already had 20 bestsellers to his name. He is also known for being the highest-grossing American author today. Besides thrillers, Patterson also wrote a series of non-fiction and romance novels. Like Rowling, some of his works like “Alex Cross,” “Along Came a Spider,” and “Kiss the Girls” have been made into movies. Steve Sorensen net worth.

World’s richest millionaires thanks to cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency millionaires — Steve Sorensen net worth

While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium haven’t been around for too long, their impact on the financial world has already been felt. Bitcoin, one of the first cryptocurrencies, started out from scratch and peaked at over $19,700 in December 2017. And because a few people saw the potential of these cryptocurrencies, some were able to cash out on the right time for major payoffs. Here are some of the richest millionaires thanks to cryptocurrency. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Barry Gilbert

Barry Gilbert didn’t just focus one hording cryptocurrency but rather invested in the idea of cryptocurrency itself. Founder of the Digital Currency Group, Gilbert built and supported several cryptocurrency groups. In fact, he has invested in over 100 Bitcoin-related companies around the world. He’s also known as The King of Crypto. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Blythe Masters

A former Managing Director at J.P. Morgan and Chase & Co., Masters quit her job and pursued a career in cryptocurrencies. She is currently the CEO of Digital Assets Holding. The company creates encryption-based processing tools that improved the security, efficiency, and compliance of Bitcoin transactions. And her very first client is none other than her former employer.

Dan Morehead

Founder of Pantera Capital, Morehead first launched the company’s first cryptofund in 2013 and is now one of the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies. Its funds have garnered a whopping 24,000% return for its investors such as Polychain Capital and Bitstamp. Steve Sorensen net worth.

How to calculate the net worth of a person

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There are a few times in a person’s life when they are asked to submit an estimate of their net worth. It could be for personal reasons such as assessing one’s success, or for documentation purposes like when filling for insurance. Personal net worth also takes into accounts one’s debt. Thus, net worth is the sum total of what a person has left after selling all their assets and paying off all their debts. The more wealth a person has, the more difficult it would be to come up with a number. Steve Sorensen net worth.

An easy way to do the calculation

Steve Sorensen net worth. The first step in calculating personal net worth is to list down all assets. These include account balances, properties like houses and automobiles, as well as stocks or bonds that one has invested in. Other items that are significantly cheaper than an automobile like a TV or a kitchen oven are usually skipped. On each of the asset, try to come up with an estimated value. One may look online for similar properties and assets for an idea of their real-world value. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Next, list down all current liabilities which are often debts. These could come from a mortgage, auto loans, credit card debts, student loans, and so on. There’s no need to compute for the interest rates of each loan, just the total loan that still needs to be paid. Steve Sorensen net worth.

Add all the items on the assets, as well as your debts. Once done, simply subtract the debt from the total of the assets. Calculating personal net worth more frequently can help if an individual has financial problems. It can help with assessing expenses and keeping track of outstanding loans. Steve Sorensen net worth.

The agencies that make billions from sports

Sports is a huge industry, and when connected to a business, can be as lucrative as any industry out there. There will always be a market for sports. Since ancient times, man has been captivated by physical competition so they can who truly is the best at a certain physical activity.

Sports agencies net worth — Steve Sorensen

Over the past decades, agencies have picked up on this and have begun to represent and market sports personalities. Sports agents have pocketed millions of dollars from the athletes they represent in exchange for the exposure and deals their clients have received. From transferring teams to endorsing products to simply appearing at an event, sports agencies have made big bucks, taking a percentage from what their clients are paid.

In Los Angeles for example, there’s the Creative Artists Agency or CAA, an agency valued at over $9 billion. CAA has been by far the biggest firm of its kind. They have represented stars in basketball, baseball, hockey, and football, and have earned an estimated average of $700 million a year.

But CAA isn’t the only agency out there raking in cash. There are firms such as Wasserman ($3.7 billion worth of athlete contracts) and Excel Sports Management (with several agents placed in the top 50 best sports agents in the United States), that have managed to take advantage of the countless talents in the sporting world and have made them into jaw-dropping sources of income.

Most successful surfer CEOs and their net worth


It is a common perception for surfers to be seen as easygoing “bums,” but not anymore.  As surfing becomes an extremely popular sport all over the world, surf pioneers have become successful businessmen, using their love for the waves as a driving force to shape the surfing industry in many aspects.  Here are examples of surf tycoons and how much they are worth.


Kelly Slater.  The 11-time world champion is estimated to be worth $20 million.  Considered to be the most successful athlete in the history surfing, Slater has appeared in countless advertisements, endorsement deals, and even modeling gigs.  Slater recently opened the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, an artificial wave pool that just held its first competition this year.

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Andrew Wilson.  The surfer from Gold Coast, Australia is famously known for founding EA Sports, and is estimated to have a net worth of $86.7 million.  EA Sports is the maker of popular virtual reality games, Need for Speed, Sim City, and Battlefield.  According to reports, Wilson earns $20 million per year.

Nicholas Woodman. While Woodman might not be as good as Wilson and Slater in terms of riding waves, the self-proclaimed frustrated surfer exceeds both the aforementioned surfing businessmen’s net worth.  The GoPro founder is reported to have a net worth of $2.3 billion after returning $229 million worth of shares.

The name’s Steve Sorensen.  I received my business graduate degree from the Iowa State University.  For the longest time, I’ve been fascinated by the huge and often meteoric growth in net worth of some of the world’s most successful companies and have dedicated a portion of my time to tracing the stories of these companies and pointing out the roots of their success.  For more articles like this, visit this page.