Gates, Buffet, and Spielberg: Industry legends

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Every business industry in history has its own share of individuals that helped revolutionize and bring it into the future. These people are much more than just people. They are seen as giants and known as legends.

On that note, here are three of the more renowned industry legends in modern times.

Warren Edward Buffett

Warren Buffett changed investing forever. He is a strict practitioner of value investing. Many people call him an investment wizard when it comes to stock, but Buffet has time and again claim it to be a mix of common sense and patience. And because of this lifelong practice, he has become one of the wealthiest people in the world.

William Henry Gates III

The biggest name in IT, everyone in the world who uses technology owes something to Bill Gates, and we’re not just talking about money. His creations, from Microsoft to Windows has dominated the IT global landscape for the past four decades and has made life so much easier for people who use computers.

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Steven Allan Spielberg

No other director’s body of work is as well-known and beloved as Steven Spielberg’s. With his initial outing as the director of the first known summer blockbuster, “Jaws,” Spielberg went on throughout the decades to direct hit after hit, with movies that both entertained and moved people of all ages.

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